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Whether it is a home, a business or a government building, many aspects of the security system rely on PCBs. They play more roles in our safety and security than many people realize.

The ideal PCB type depends on its specific application, but all PCBs used for safety applications must be reliable because these products must always operate as expected to be effective. Some safety equipment may be used outdoors, and PCBs that can withstand the outdoor environment should be used.

Some safety protection devices that use PCB include:
Surveillance cameras: Both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, as well as equipment used to monitor surveillance video, rely on PCBs.
l Smoke detectors: Smoke detectors and other similar devices, such as carbon monoxide detectors, require a reliable PCB to function.
Electronic door locks: Modern electronic door locks also contain PCB.
Motion sensor and anti-theft alarm: The security sensor used to detect motion also relies on the PCB.
PCBs play a vital role in many different types of security devices, especially as more and more of these products gain the ability to connect to the Internet.
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