Q1: How quickly can you deliver my prototype or shipment?

A: It depends on components delivery. Once we have all electronics compnents, 7-10days for SMT & Th assembly, visual inspection, package.

Q2. What specific assembly services are available from FanwayPCBA?

A: We have Solder Paste Inspection for checking paste volume.

Fully AOI inspection after SMT components.

X-Ray for BGA components.

Fully visual inspection after TH assembly and spot checking after package.

Q3. Will you keep the stencils used on my project?

A: Yes, we will keep stencils free of charges. The stencils placed on customized shelf in warehouse with customer code and project name.

Q4. Does FanwayPCBA provides volume production services?

A: Yes, we can provide low to medium and bulk production of any circuit board assembly including testing and final packaging.

Q5. What information is needed for PCB and PCBA quotation?

A: Gerber file or PCB file, Bill of Material list.

Q6. Which Express company you will use for our shipment?

A: DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx or appointed by clients.

Q7. Which file formats do you need for PCB PCBA production?
A: Gerber file or PCB file + Bill of material list.

Q8. How will you control the quality?

A: We have TPS Quality Control System.

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