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The difference and function of rosin and flux paste
Flux paste is a general term. Rosin and flux paste belong to flux paste. The most critical purpose is to increase the wetting effect of the solder and the material to be soldered during soldering (if the infiltration is not good, the flux paste cannot be
Things You Should Pay Attention to When Purchasing PCBA
Product reliability, ease of use and stability are closely related to PCBA quality. Therefore, in the process of purchasing PCBA, we need to pay attention to PCBA quality control points urgently.
Important Principles of Circuit Board Proofing (PCBA Sample Production)
Many electronic developing companies focus on design, R&D, and marketing, and fully outsource electronic manufacturing. From product prototype design to market launch, there are many development and testing cycles, of which sample testing is extremely critical. Delivering the designed PCB file and BOM list to the elect……
The advantages and disadvantages of common PCB surface treatment
Bare copper board: Advantages: low cost, smooth surface, good weldability (in the absence of oxidation). Disadvantages: It is easy to be affected by acid and humidity, and cannot be stored for a long time. It must be used up within 2 hours after unpacking, because copper is easily oxidized when exposed to the air;
Important quality management points in PCBA assembly
Human demand for electronic products continues to grow, which promotes the rapid development of the electronics manufacturing industry, and the process technology continues to precipitate. With the popularity of smart phones and wearable devices, the requirements for lean manufacturing capabilities of electronic produc……
How to judge the PCB quality
1. The size and thickness of PCB board must be consistent with the specified size and thickness without deviation.There shall be no defect, deformation, fall of……
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