How to judge the PCB quality

By: Admin Date: 2021-06-12

1. The size and thickness of PCB board must be consistent with the specified size and thickness without deviation.There shall be no defect, deformation, fall off, scratch, open circuit, short circuit, oxidation white, yellow, etching unclean or excessive marks, and there shall be no stains, copper particles and other impurities on the surface.
2. Ink cover uniform gloss, no shedding, scratching, dew copper, offset, hanging plate and other phenomena.
3. Silk-screen printing symbols and letters are clear, without omissions and blurring, reverse printing, offset and other bad phenomena.
4. The carbon film shall not have defects, printing deviation, short circuit, open circuit, printing and other phenomena.
5. PCB bottom plate forming, there shall be no leakage, deviation, hole collapse, edge, plug hole, beer burst, beer reaction, crushing and other phenomena.
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