Important Principles of Circuit Board Proofing (PCBA Sample Production)

By: Admin Date: 2021-06-12

Many electronic developing companies focus on design, R&D, and marketing, and fully outsource electronic manufacturing. From product prototype design to market launch, there are many development and testing cycles, of which sample testing is extremely critical. Delivering the designed PCB file and BOM list to the electronic manufacturer also needs to analyze from multiple angles to ensure that there is no delay in the project cycle and reduce the risk of product launch.

First, it is necessary to analyze the market positioning of electronic products developed, and different market strategies determine different product development. If it is a high-end electronic product, the material must be strictly selected in the sample stage, the packaging process must be ensured, and the real mass production process must be simulated 100% as much as possible. If it is a very common electronic product, and the plan is mature, then it can be accepted in the sample stage, such as using some substitute materials, expanding the acceptance range of ICT testing, and so on.

Second, PCBA sample production must follow the principle of speed higher than cost. It usually takes 5-15 days from the design plan to the return of the PCBA samples. If the control is not good, this time may be extended to 1 month. If there is a time delay caused by human factors, it will have a great negative impact on the project schedule. In order to ensure that PCBA samples can be received within the fastest 5 days, we need to start selecting electronics manufacturing suppliers (with process capability, good coordination, and focus on quality and service) during the design stage, and even pay 50% more for proofing cost.

Third, the design plan of the electronic product design company must follow the specifications as much as possible, such as the reservation of the circuit board design heat dissipation holes, the marking of the silk screen, the normalization of the materials in the BOM list, the clear marking, and the clear notes on the process requirements in the Gerber file Wait. This can greatly reduce the time to communicate with electronics manufacturers, and can also prevent erroneous production caused by unclear design schemes.

Fourth, fully consider the risks in the logistics and distribution links. In PCBA packaging, electronics manufacturers are required to provide safety packaging, such as bubble bags, pearl cotton, etc., to prevent collisions and damage in logistics.

Fifth, when deciding the quantity of PCBA proofing, adopt the principle of maximization. General project managers, product managers, general managers, and even marketing personnel may need samples. In addition, it is necessary to fully consider the burn-in during the test. Therefore, it is generally recommended to sample more than 10 pieces.

PCBA sample production is based on quality and speed, and good communication with electronics manufacturers is the catalyst. When an electronic product company has such a concept, it can gradually form a stable cooperative relationship and good design habits to maximize the smooth progress of the project.
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