PCB is a key part of the telecommunications industry. They are essential for consumer devices such as smartphones, but they are essential for the infrastructure that enables these devices to work properly.
Since many different types of equipment are used in the industry, various PCBs are used in the telecommunications industry. Some equipment must be placed in a stable indoor environment, while some infrastructure must withstand outdoor environments including storms and extreme temperatures.

The following telecommunication equipment requires PCB:
Telecommunications tower: Cellular towers receive and transmit signals from mobile phones and require PCBs that can withstand the outdoor environment.
Office communication equipment: Many communication equipment you may find in an office require a PCB, including telephone switching systems, modems, routers, and Voice over Internet (VoIP) equipment.
LED displays and indicators: Telecom equipment usually includes LED displays and indicators using PCBs.
The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving, and the PCBs used in this industry are also evolving. As we generate and transmit more data, powerful PCBs will become more and more important for communication.
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